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by on May.18, 2009, under TV

Okay, the title reminds me that there is another show in limbo that I wish I knew the fate of.  That aside, there is good news in the world of television!  It seems that both Chuck and Dollhouse have been renewed!  So it seems that both NBC and Fox realized the value in some of their assets enough to give them another chance.

With NBC, my guess is that the prime reason that Chuck’s fate was questionable was the fact that they are opting to give Leno the 10-spot 5 days a week starting this fall which seriously hampers their drama line-up.  I’m not sure how much the Save Chuck campaigns factored into their decision, but thankfully they decided to squeeze it in.  I will highly be looking forward to seeing Chuck start kicking ass with his newfound intersect abilities.

As for Fox – they have earned a reprieve from any sort of boycott from me.  Granted I would have liked to see another season of Terminator over drawing out Fringe any longer (especially after their questionable finale showing off an alternate reality where the twin towers survived), Dollhouse was a more solid show and deserved the renewal.  I can’t wait to see how things progress with Ballard now a company man and Alpha’s schemes gone awry.  Plus I can never see too much of Echo in action – they couldn’t turn down that kind of eye candy on primetime television (I always had faith).

Finally, prompted by my choice in title I am happy to report that season 3.5 of Eureka will be starting up on SciFi in July.  So all is well in the world of TV … for now.  Well, aside from a half dozen other cancellations that have alerady happened and renewals that shouldn’t have … we must take what we can get.

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Don’t Chuck Chuck!

by on Apr.28, 2009, under TV

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about TV shows.  Today will be no different (maybe it is because of sweeps … or maybe I just watch too much TV).  Today I’m writing about one of my favorite shows on the air – ChuckChuck is in its sophomore season and has proven to be quite an enjoyable series.  Sure it maintains a certain level of hi jinx, but it is all part of the fun of the show.  Unfortunately this is yet another show that is inexplicably
on the bubble”. (continue reading…)

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Mid-season Status Report

by on Feb.27, 2009, under TV

Ok, I guess it isn’t really the middle of the television season, per se.  But really with how things seem to run these days, how could one truly pin down a mid-point?  Some shows started their season as early as September while others started in January – still others seem to be coming back in March.  So who knows.  The bottom line is that I feel like reviewing the shows that I watch in summary.  So here I go: (continue reading…)

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And the Gold Medal Goes to …

by on Aug.19, 2008, under sports, TV

NBC!  So yeah, I’ve been wrapped up in the Olympics pretty much since they started.  I have never been big into them – every time the summer Olympics come along I say how I like the winter sports better and vice versa when the winter games arive.  But from the spectacle that was the opening ceremony, through the weekend coverage of cool sports I didn’t even know were in the Olympics, to the great selection of prime-time sports (swimming, beach volleyball, etc.), it has all been gripping – too much so.  One of these nights I would like to get to bed before 2AM.  But what I’ve really been enjoying is the excitement that NBC is fostering in me for the fall television season. (continue reading…)

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