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Can I Get a Witness?

by on Aug.13, 2009, under philosophy, video games

The other night at 9:00pm, a pair of Mormons show up on my doorstep.  I had difficulty arguing the lateness since I was in the middle of playing Lego Batman with my daughter, though I managed to slip out of any lengthy conversation by stating that I was about to get the kids to bed (something I legitimately should have been doing).  A part of me secretly imagined what might ensue if a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses had happened upon my porch at the same time.  The following morning during my commute, I imagined myself playing devil’s advocate with them regarding their faith.  But really, who am I to throw stones – they are entitled to their beliefs.  Though I’d like to think that I’m equally entitled to my privacy.  If they return, it will likely be to square off with my better half – after which they won’t be back.  🙂

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Heading Unknown

by on Jul.09, 2009, under About Me

There once was a time I wrote poetry.
But alas, those days faded over time.

Has that spark gone away? Have I nothing to say?
Or have I just opted to stop trying to rhyme?

Maybe a haiku
They are sometimes interesting
But then perhaps not.

Now I stick mostly to puns and sarcasm as my literary devices of choice – if you say such prose is amateur, I’m really going to be hurt.

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by on Jul.02, 2009, under career

Today a member of my team left the nest.  One of my colleagues, a woman named Maggy, opted to leave in order to go to grad school.  She was quiet, she got her work done and did it well, and she will be missed.  But I cannot fault her for her choice – higher education is, in a way, a higher calling and I can appreciate that.  I wish you the best of luck, Maggy.

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Blurbsday: A-Wii We Go

by on Jun.25, 2009, under family, video games

We have been Wii-ed. I bought a Wii system (complete with several accessories and games including the Fit) from a friend and spent part of my evening setting it up and the rest playing around with it with my daughter. After creating Miis for each of us, she and I tried our hand at bowling, golf, and Super Mario Party (the last of which ended up eating up a couple hours of time). She is only 5, so she can’t read the screens and has trouble getting the motions right, but she is learning and having a blast. Funny that before this system hit the market, I was one of the many who assumed they wouldn’t stand a chance against the competition (since the Wii is pretty much just a jazzed up GameCube with motion control). In hindsight, it was kind of a brilliant strategy on their part.

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Blurbsday: Diction

by on Jun.18, 2009, under About Me, philosophy

Maybe it is my age (nearly 34 – getting up there, I know).  Perhaps it is my ethnic background (I happen to be of the ruling minority – white males).  Maybe I’m a bit stuffy or stuck up (I try to be a tolerant individual), but no matter what, “Where you at?” will never be a phrase that I can picture leaving my mouth.  It is simply the epitome of improper grammar.  You don’t need to be an English scholar to find the faults, but it lacks any form of verb and ends with a preposition (last I checked those are big no-nos of basic sentence structure).

So when I got asked the previosuly noted question by a co-worker over the phone, the only thing the kept me from hanging my head and sighing was the fact that I was attempting to park my car at the time.  Upon pointing out the fault and answering the implied question, snickering from my passenger elicitsa follow-up of “Who you with?”

Day by day I make progress.  Meanwhile my 5-year-old daughter is fluidly integrating words like apparently, conveniently, and recently into her vocabulary.  So I have some points of solace.

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