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Getting to Know Me

by on Nov.07, 2008, under About Me

I’ve been trying to pry myself bit by bit away from political writing – obviously it was at the forefront of many of our minds until a few days ago so it is understandable.  But it seems to have possessed too much of my time and my thoughts and has started to keep me from pursuing my other interests or allowing myself to be the light-hearted individual I traditionally tend to be. (continue reading…)

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What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune?

by on Aug.15, 2008, under music, TV


So I was listening to the radio the other day on my commute to work and overheard an interview with Danica McKellar.  She was on promoting her new math for girls book called Kiss My Math. But as expected, the conversation easily steered in the direction of the role that she is most famous for – Winnie Cooper (if you are too young to know and appreciate this, then I feel sorry for you).  And in this conversation I learned something surprising and disappointing. (continue reading…)

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Day One

by on Jul.18, 2008, under About Me

Okay, I know that blogging is not a new phenomenon.  And I’m not exactly new to the internet – I was in chat rooms back in the days of BBS and TELNET (when WWW was but a twinkle in some CS Engineer’s eye); I was setting up LANs in my father-in-law’s office as a summer project back when Microsoft’s only network-enabled OS was Windows 3.11.  I’m sorry, I geeked out a little bit there.  My point being that I have been immersed in the web for nearly as long as it has been around.  And yet my wife managed to break into the world of blogging before I got around to it (which you can feel free to check out).  But I digress.

I declare this blog, much like my mind (and now my mouth), opened.  If you like movies, TV, music, comics, the Internet, technology, video games (I think that covers most people somehow), then you will find my musings on such topics here.  Feel free to comment, supplement, complain, or tell me I’m full of crap.  I have a fount of useless knowledge at my disposal that I’m not afraid to use and what I don’t know, I will likely make up and try to make it sound believeable.  Feel free to call me on that, too.  But let the games begin!

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