Dark Nights

by on Jul.29, 2008, under comics, movies

Those who know me know that I am a fanatic about all these comic book movies they’ve been producing in recent years.  So as no surprise this summer’s comic book blockbusters have been like a slice of heaven for me.  I’ve seen the Incredible Hulk (loved it), Iron Man (loved it enough to see it twice), Indiana Jones (okay, not really a comic book movie, but close to the genre) and … not Dark Knight.

‘But why not?!?’ you may ask.  Trust me, it is not due to lack of interest – I am a big fan of this recent reboot of the Batman franchise.  I tolerated the drivel of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin simply because I liked the first Batman and, well, he is a really cool character.  When I heard that Christian Bale was to be playing Batman in Batman Begins a couple years ago, I geeked out (I’ve been a fan of his work for a while).  And even with my high expectations, Batman Begins blew me away.  So there is no doubt in my mind that Dark Knight will keep me drooling with glee to the very end.

The main reason that I haven’t seen it is because of commitments – specifically to my family.  I know that my wife (being a drooling fan of Christian Bale herself) wants to see it, so I’ve commited to waiting until a time that we can go together.  Many people have invited me to join them and I’ve even had opportunities to go myself (and believe me, I have no problem going to a movie by myself), but I won’t do it.  I wouldn’t do that to her.  So that means planning: planning a night where someone can attend to the children for an afternoon or evening while we step out and enjoy a flick together.  The problem is finding someone who has the time (and the patience – we have a toddler and a pre-schooler) to do it when we have the time to go.  We will get there.  I will make it happen … eventually.  When we do, be prepared to read a review here.  I’ll try to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t found a chance to go out and see it.


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