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by on Nov.26, 2008, under family, movies, parenthood

It has begun!  If there is no other benefit of parenthood, it is being able to expose your children to whatever memes you like (and hope that they ascribe to them as well).  In this fashion, my daughter listens to alternative music, likes comic book super heroes, and quotes her favorite shows in conversation.  And this past weekend, I’ve initiated what I consider a sacred rite of passage – Star Wars.

This is a moment we’ve been building towards for some time now.  In the past year she has watched me play Lego Star Wars on my PS2, I’ve taken her to see the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie over the summer, and she has seen this amazing a capella tribute to Star Wars and John Williams.  But we finally took the step of watching the first film in the series (by which I mean of course Star Wars IV: A New Hope).  We went to Blockbuster to rent it (sadly I do not own the series on DVD – gift idea to those that know me) – she was almost willing to opt out of renting Wall-E in favor of Star Wars until I told her I had planned to rent both.

There was less explanation that I expected.  She seemed to follow it pretty well and only asked a few questions along the way.  And in her typical fashion has since watched the movie at least once or twice this week while I was at work.  So she is well versed in it now – as she was coming to greet me this evening on arriving home, she had to detour around her brother and in doing so stated “will someone move this walking carpet?”  Needless to say, it is a fun experience.

I will probably continue through the series at a leisurely pace – there is no rush really.  I’m just glad she is taking to it.  Unfortunately any references she makes to it at Thanksgiving will be lost on most – my wife’s family are mostly uninitiated due to her father’s disinterest in the series (I had the pleasure of exposing my wife to the series prior to the creation of the newer trilogy – luckily she liked it).  But at least none of them are likely to ruin any of the rest of the series for her before she sees it first hand.

Yes, I know I’m probably dooming her to geekdom at a young age.  But let’s face it – it is in her genes.  And really, no one should go through life without having seen the Star Wars movies at least once (at least the original trilogy).  It is just good cinema.  And begun this rite of passage I have.

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