And the Winner Is …

by on Nov.04, 2008, under politics

So it is not quite 9PM and I’m watching MSNBC and waiting to see who will come out victorious from this seemingly very long electoral season.  I’ve followed the primaries, the nominations, the debates, and the polls.  I’ve considered the issues on both sides and have drawn my conclusions and made my way out to vote this morning.  The time for consideration and debate is now over and the time to await the tally’s to bare out our nation’s choice is upon us. (continue reading…)

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Political Beliefs

by on Oct.22, 2008, under politics

Do we live in a christian nation?  Do we live in a white nation?  Do we live in an English-speaking nation?  Do we live in a straight nation?  While most of these traits represent the majority of our citizens, I think most would agree that the answer to all of these questions is no.  So why is it appropriate for our lawmakers to cater to any of these majorities as if they are the voice of America? (continue reading…)

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A Call to Arms

by on Oct.20, 2008, under politics

It seems that given my liberal stance, to some I may not be considered American enough to make such a statement.  Which is what compels me to direct your attention to something that my better half wrote that everyone should read and consider.  She at least has taken a positive position on this matter.  Part of me is compelled to use this forum of mine to sling mud back in the other direction.  But I am doing my best to rise above such inclinations. (continue reading…)

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Partisan Parenting

by on Oct.01, 2008, under family, parenthood, politics

I try not to be guilty of it, but it seems like a hard thing to avoid.  My wife recenly raised some good questions on this subject.  Dispite my upbringing to the contrary, I am a fairly liberally-minded Democrat (which should come as little surprise to any of my regular readers).  My wife is similarly so.  We both know who we plan to vote for come November … as does our 4-year-old daughter. (continue reading…)

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Appropriate Voting Age: 4?

by on Sep.28, 2008, under parenthood, politics, TV

In this political season, my wife has made a point to keep our 4 1/2 year-old daughter abreast of the high-level details – she is aware that we are soon voting for a new president; she knows who the candidates are; she even has some opinions of her own about what qualities a good president should have (in her words, a president should be able to do anything a mommy can do).  We are unapologietically liberally slanted and are pretty confident in where our votes will be going in November.  (continue reading…)

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